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Linksys Router Setup provides a one-stop solution for every home and business wireless requirement. Powerful routers to amazing wireless extenders all solutions are under one brand. Linksys offers robust devices that make seamless performance and incredible connectivity possible.

Linksys Wi-Fi routers are perfect for home and business, provide an exceptional wireless experience. They are capable to handle different connections at a time and offer uninterrupted connection and speed among them.

A bucket full of choices, Linksys Router offers a wide range of routers and extenders fit for all demands. Single, dual, tri-band routers to mesh network, high-end gaming routers, and extenders, every solution is here. Mesh networking solutions like VELOP provides internet to every corner of the home. Linksys fulfills every need.

Linksys Router Setup

Router setup is quick, user-friendly, and can be done in a couple of minutes. Before setting up the new router ensure an active internet connection on the modem and How To Reset Linksys Router To begin follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Turn off the modem and old router and disconnect the old router from the modem.
  2. Now connect the new Linksys router with a modem using the Ethernet port.
  3. Turn on both the devices and wait for 1 minute.
  4. Turn on the power and wait till both the devices boot up.
  5. Now connect the router to the laptop using wi-fi or Ethernet cable.
  6. Open a browser on a laptop and surf the IP address
  7. Linksys login page will appear and asks for a username and password.
  8. Enter the credentials and login into the setup.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions and save the settings.
  10. Will take some time to implement the setting and complete the setup process.
  11. Once done, the router is set up and ready to use. Connect to the router using wi-fi or Ethernet.

Router login

To Linksys Router Login into the router and access all settings, this IP address is used. With the help of a browser open the IP address and enter the login details.

  1. To login into the router, page enter your username and password, if you haven’t changed them then try the word “admin” as a password.
  2. In some routers, it asks for an access code in place of username and password. This access code is mentioned on the label placed on the router.
  3. Once you login into the router different settings can be accessed.


  1. This portal gives the option to access the connected devices even to block them, a user can decide whom to allow and block.
  2. Guest access can also be enabled, so your router will create one separate wifi for your guest so that the confidentiality of your original router wifi can be maintained.
  3. The wireless setting, security, parental controls, etc. Can be managed from this page.
  4. If you wish to change your wifi name and password that can also be done from here. To do so access the wifi settings option.

Can’t access Linksys router setup login page or

In order to Linksys Router Setup setup the router or access working router settings, IP should be accessible. If it’s not accessible then try mentioned aids.

  • To access the IP ensure the router has an active connection with the laptop.
  • The laptop can be connected wirelessly or hardwired to the router.
  • The router should be powered on and properly booted.
  • Try changing the browser. Try Edge or Google chrome.
  • Power cycle the router and again try to access the IP address.

This should resolve the issue, if not router can be reset. But we recommend speaking to our experts first before resetting the router.

Secure your Router Wi-Fi

Unquestionably router wifi should always be protected. It won’t allow unauthorized people to access your wifi. Wi-Fi security is important and required. To secure wifi, login into the router page and make the following changes.

  1. Login into the router page and look for the option wifi connectivity.
  2. Wifi connectivity will show the wireless networks and their settings like 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.
  3. Select the wifi network to make the changes and look for the security mode option.
  4. In insecurity, mode selects the WPA2 and enters the password for authentication.
  5. Save the settings, and this network is now secured with the entered password.
  6. Use the same password to connect to the wifi.

Choose your Router

3 types of router options are available based on their specifications. Dual, tri, and mesh routers. Dual-band routers are ideal for small homes and offices, tri can be used for big houses and they provide better internet coverage and speed as compare to dual-band routers.

Mesh network routers are best suitable for multi-story houses and office spaces. They create a mesh network and provide internet to every corner. They are superior to dual and tri-band routers.

Router Family and Classes

  • Linksys Hydra
  • Linksys Max-Stream

Some popular router series

  • AC2200
  • AC1750
  • AC1900
  • AC900
  • AC1200
  • AC1600
  • AC3000

Every series and family consist of different router model or Linksys Extender Setup model numbers with different configurations.