Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys extender are the best solution to extend the existing wifi network and provide internet access to various parts of the home.

Extenders extend the wifi signals of your existing router and eliminate dead zones.

The Linksys Extender Setup is effortless and simple. The extender can be setup in various ways. Let’s cover the easiest way.

Linksys Extender Setup: WPS Method

This method is handy and instant, with no efforts or any technical skills required. To do so locate the WPS button on your router and extender.

Turn on both the devices and let them boot up. Once they booted press the WPS button on the router and then on the extender. A light will blink on both the devices and will be steady after a successful connection between them.

If the light is steady it means the extender is setup with the router but if it’s blinking or turned off them the setup was not successful.

On a successful setup extender, a separate wifi name will appear in the wifi list named as Routername_Ext. For example, if your router name is “Johnrouter” then the extender name will reflect as “Johnrouter_Ext”.

To connect with the extender network use the same password as for your router wifi.

Linksys Extender Setup: Web Based Method

There can be a scenario where the WPS button is missing from the router. Though it’s always available on extender but on router it’s not guaranteed. For such cases, we used the web-based setup method. This method requires a laptop or computer, let’s have a glance.

  • Plug-in the extender into the power outlet and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Now connect Laptop to the extender network usually appears as “Linksys Extender Setup”. This is an open network that doesn’t require any password.
  • Once connected, open a website and a setup page will appear.
  • This setup page will help you to setup the extender, follow the on-screen prompts like select the wifi network to extend, enter the selected wifi network password to authenticate.
  • Choose the wifi name and password of the extender network.
  • And at last, create an account and set a password for the extender page login.
Once all this is done, the extender will show the solid green light that means it’s setup and working.

Linksys Extender Setup: Access Point

The Linksys Extender can also be setup as an access point. Access point setup is done when the extender is not in range of router wifi but an Ethernet cable is approachable to the extender from the router. So setup of the extender as an access point is only possible if an Ethernet cable is connected between them.

To make this work, connect the Ethernet cable between the router and extender and turn on both the devices. Once turned on:
  • Connect a laptop with an extender network using wifi.
  • Now open the website or IP to reach the setup page.
  • A setup page will appear and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • It will ask to set the name of the wifi and password for it.
  • At last set the extender login page password and done.
The extender is setup as an access point, for an access point the cable between the extender and router cab never be removed.