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Linksys RE4100 (N600) Wireless Range Extender

Description: Linksys RE4100W is a smart wireless extender that extends the router wifi and provides the internet to every corner of the home. Linksys extender can be setup with any router. Just bring the extender and set it up with your existing router. The extender is capable of proving high-speed internet and can be used for gaming purposes as well.

Bands: Dual bands extender supports both the frequencies

  • 2.4Ghz
  • 5Ghz. For high-speed internet

Compatibility: Universal Compatible. Can be used with any router.

Ethernet Ports: Yes, it supports Ethernet connection as well and provide plug and play feature.

Setup Mode: In 2 ways extender can be setup:

  • As a Wireless Range Extender
  • As an Access Point

Setup: Supports both the ways:

  • WPS Setup or Push button setup
  • Web-Based Setup using web browser

Coverage: 5,000 Square Feet

Audio Jack: Yes, stream your music from a smart device or computer wirelessly.

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