Linksys Router Setup

A web-based Linksys Router Setup process is used to set up the routers. It’s easy and can be performed in a short span of time. The setup process can take 3-5 minutes. To begin 1st un-box the router, and if you’re using an old router then make sure it’s reset.

  1. First, turn off the router and unplug from the modem.
  2. Now place your new router and connect it to the modem using an Ethernet cable. The wire coming from the modem should plug into the uplink port of the router that is mostly color-coded.
  3. Once done, turn on the power to the modem and router.
  4. Take another Ethernet cable and connect it between the router port and the laptop Ethernet port. Any Ethernet port of the router can be used. Formation should be as picture shown below.
  5. Now on the computer open a browser and surf for this IP address
  6. Once you open the IP it’ll ask for a username and password. Leave the username blank and enter “admin” as a password.
  7. If this credential doesn’t work try again or close and open the browser again.
  8. Once you login into the page, select the “Mac address clone” option under the setup option.
  9. Click on the “Clone my Pc’s Mac” button and save settings.
  10. This should enable the internet from modem to router. To ensure the router has an active internet connection click on “Status” at the top options bar.
  11. Look for the “internet IP address” if it shows some number that means the router has internet access now. And if the numbers are then click on “release IP address” and then “renew IP address”.

All set, you are good to go now. The router can be used to connect different devices now. If it’s still not working don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

Linksys Router Wireless Network Setup

As the How to Reset the Linksys Router is setup and has an active internet connection, but for now, router can only be used for wired connections, and nowadays everyone wants to use wireless. To setup the wireless networks of the router we need to follow some handy steps:

  1. Connect router with a laptop using Ethernet cable and open IP address
  2. Login into the router page, enter the credentials.
  3. Once the login is successful look for the “Wireless” option at the top bar.


  1. Connect router with a laptop using Ethernet cable and open IP address
  2. Linksys Router Login into the router page, enter the credentials.
  3. Once the login is successful look for the “Wireless” option at the top bar.


  1. Select “Manual” for the configuration view.
  2. Select “Mixed” for the network mode.
  3. Enter the SSID (Network Name) means wifi name.
  4. Select “Auto” for the channel width.
  5. Select “Auto” for the channel.
  6. Select “Enable” for the SSID broadcast, if you select the disabled, the wifi network remains setup but will not broadcast.
  7. Click on save settings and all done, the wifi network for the router is setup.

Can’t Access Router Setup Page?

Facing issues in accessing the Linksys Router setup page, try these hacks to make it work.

  • Try setup post 1 minute of router power on, give it time to boot up properly.
  • Double-check the connections between the router and modem, router, and computer. Any loose connection or improper connection may not allow the setup to load.
  • If the computer is connected to the wireless network of the router, ensures it’s the right one. Router wifi name can be check as it’s mentioned on the label placed on the router.
  • Modem and router should be powered on properly and avoid using any surge protector or extension. Plug them into the power outlet directly.
  • Browsers should be updated and try different browsers, the recommendations are Chrome, Firefox, and edge.
  • Delete the cache of the browsers, sometimes they save the old settings and keep reflecting them.

Can’t Access Setup? is the IP address used to setup the router. This IP is used in a browser to access the router setup page. If the browser doesn’t prompt the router setup page post using the IP try these fixes.

  • Reconnect the cable between the router and computer.
  • Delete all cookies and cache of the browser and try again.
  • Cross-check the IP address any mistake in the IP address may cause this issue.
  • Reset the router and try again.

Our support representatives are always available to help you, in case of any aid don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Secure Wifi Network

To secure the wifi networks, a password can be set for them so that only the authorized person can access them. Password authentication will prevent the network from unsolicited accesses and breaches.

Login into the Linksys Extender Setup page and click on the Wi-Fi settings option, a list of the created wifi networks will appear. Here choose the security mode “WPA2” and enter the password for the corresponding network.

Apply settings and the network is secured with a password now, to connect to the network use the set password and make it confidential as well.