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Can’t access

To setup the Linksys Router Troubleshooting is the only IP that can be used. Surf the IP on a browser but if it doesn’t open ensure the router is properly reset and connected to the laptop.

For troubleshooting reset the router again, press the reset button for 30 seconds. After reset connects the router with the laptop wired or wirelessly and hit the IP again. If it still doesn’t open try changing the browser.

Can’t access router page?

Linksys Router Troubleshooting page is used to access the different settings of the router like checking the connected devices, wifi names, wifi password, guest network, etc. The router page can be accessed using the router IP. Once router IP is hit on the browser it asks for username and password and after successful authentication, all settings can be accessed. But if it doesn’t show the router page, check this:

  • Is the computer connected to the router network?
  • Ensure the right router IP is being used. Check the IP and try changing the browser.
  • Something router page asks for access code in place of username and password for authentication. Access code can be found on the label placed on the router.
  • If the password is forgotten use the forget password button to reset the password. Use “admin” as a username.
  • If still, the problem persists router can be reset and setup again.

Can’t connect to Wifi?

If you are unable to connect to the router or extender wifi network even using the correct password, these could be the reasons:

  • First, we suggest checking the password, passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you are using the correct password in the right cases.
  • Try power cycle the router or extender. Turn off and turn it back on and try again. If it still doesn’t go power cycle the device as well.
  • Check the block list on the router page or extender page. It could be the case that the device is blocked and not allowed to connect.
  • Check the wifi network setting on the router page. Check the security mode and password. Change password and try connecting with a new password.
  • Forget the network and connect again with a password.

No Internet on router?

Internet on a router depends on modem internet, before trying anything else make sure modem has the active internet, this can be confirmed from ISP as well. If the modem has the internet but the router shows “No Internet” try these tricks:

  • Turn off the modem and router and turn them back on.
  • Unplug the Ethernet cable between the router and modem and after 30 seconds connect it again.
  • Open the router page and check the status option. Check the internet status on the router.
  • Check for any Internet outage in your area.

Forgot wifi or router password?

It’s always recommended to memorize wifi password or save it at some secure place. If the wifi network password is forgotten then this can be changed from the router page.

On the router page go into the wireless settings and the password for the wifi networks can be changed, once the new password is entered, save the settings and now connect to the wifi using the new password.

For router login password try the word “admin” and leave username blank, if it doesn’t work then reset is the only option. Reset the router and setup again.

Can’t access is used to setup the Linksys router. If it doesn’t work check following things:

  • The Linksys Extender Troubleshooting should be connected to the computer wired or wirelessly.
  • Ensure the extender is booted properly and ready to setup.
  • The browser should be updated try Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.
  • Reset the extender and try again.

WPS not working?

WPS is the easiest way to setup the extender with a router. If after pressing the WPS on both the devices they don’t connect it may be WPS is disabled from the router settings.

To enable it, open router settings and look for the WPS option, enable it from there or try online WPS from the router page and press the physical WPS button present on the extender.

It may be router doesn’t support the WPS feature in such a case setup the extender using the Web-based setup method.

Can’t access extender page?

Like the router page, the extender page also consists of all the settings, if the page is not accessible try the following fixes.

  • To access the extender page, the extender should be connected to the computer wires or wirelessly.
  • Ensure using the correct IP address of the extender. To confirm open the router page and check the assigned IP to the extender by the router.
  • Try a different browser.
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